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  • Softcon CEO Chandrakant Kulkarni
  • Chandrakant Kulkarni CEO Softcon
  • Softcon Chandrakant Kulkarni
  • Softcon CEO Chandrakant Kulkarni
  • Chandrakant Kulkarni CEO Softcon


  • Power Generation Solutions:
    Complete control system is designed to monitor, control and protect all sections of power plant along with safety interlocks for Diesel / Gas / Bio fired fuel gensets. Alternator/ generator protection panels.
  • Industrial energy management solutions:
    Energy management system provides an integrated set of control, supervision and management function for power generation, distribution and supply in industrial plants. In addition to the traditional functions of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), the system offers:
    1. Generator control including intergeneration with the governor and excitation controller
    2. Circuit breaker control including integration with protection relays, event monitoring, time synchronization with 1ms resolution.
    3. Power control including tie-line control, peak shaving and load sharing.
    4. Load shedding including both fast, slow and frequency based.
  • System handover & On-site training
  • Field Instrument Specifications
  • Integrated control system specifications (BPCS/SIS/F&G/Third Party Interface)
  • Integrated control system architectures
  • Third party integration
  • Control system network optimization
  • Process and business LAN integration
  • SCADA solutions
  • FDS - Functional Design Specification
  • Deputation services for FEED, Detail Design, Programming and Project management
  • Site Visit Survey and As Built support
  • Design, Manufacturing, Supply & Integration of;
  • Field Instruments
  • Process Control
  • Safety and ESD
  • Fire & Gas and CCTV
  • Vibration and Temperature Condition Monitoring System
  • Integrated Power Management
  • Batching Software & Reporting
  • Historian, Asset Management & Enterprise Integration
  • Seismic Qualified Panel
  • CE marked Panel
  • Third Party Control System
  • FAT/SAT and Third Party Inspection
  • P&ID/PFD support
  • Instrument Tag numbering Philosophy
  • CSS - Integrated control & safety system specifications (BPCS/SIS/F&G/Third Party Interface)
  • DCS/ESD/F&G system specifications
  • Control system and ESD/F&G systems architecture
  • Field Instruments/F&G Instrument Data Sheets
  • Field Instrument/F&G Instrument Specifications
  • Plant Utilities -Air Supply and Power Calculation
  • MCC/V&T/Third Party PLC systems interfacing
  • Instrument Index and I/O List
  • I/O distribution philosophies and specifications
  • Regulatory and other international codes/standards conformance (IEC, ISA, API, OSHA, ISO, TUV etc)
  • Hazardous area instrumentation and control specifications
  • C&E Diagram
  • Functional Logic Diagrams (FLD)
  • HMI configuration guidelines and Graphic Specification
  • Alarm and Trip Setting List/Alarm philosophy
  • ESD. Ack, Reset, start up and maintenance bypass, first-out philosophies
  • Marshalling Cabinet / Control panel specifications
  • MCC panel specifications
  • FAT/SAT guidelines
  • QA/QC specifications
  • Instrument/JB/Cable Layouts and Cable Block Diagram
  • Cable Schedule
  • Instrument Impulse and Pneumatic Hook Diagrams
  • BoM-Bill of Material (MTO-Material Take-Off)
  • Contractor SoW
  • Bid document preparation
  • As-Built
  • Control System O&M Manual
  • Permanent on-site maintenance support
  • On-call site maintenance support
  • Control system audits & recommendations for corrective procedures
  • Multi-vendor control system hardware & software support
  • Technical liaison with original equipment manufacturer
  • Firmware version control & repository management
  • Software version control & repository management
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Spare inventory management
  • Control system additions & modifications
  • Hot cutover planning & implementation
  • Project based trainings for Operators
  • Project based trainings for Maintenance
  • Project based trainings during FAT & SAT
  • System trainings for Operators & maintenance personnel

SOFTCON is authorised sales & service centre of VACON Drives. SOFTCON also repairs servo drives of different makes including Rockwell-Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, Danfoss, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Rexroth, Modicon etc.

SOFTCON repaires significant number of VFDs/PLCs. There are several critical reasons why repair is preferred to replacement..."SOFTCON observed that customers with machines worth millions of dollars which are equipped with small and very specialized VFD/PLC for critical application. Due to communication network & spacing/mounting issues or other application specific reasons. Its not feasible to replace them. SOFTCON has skilled team that repair, retrofit these specialized VFDs/PLCs and ensures machine & process always running without production loss”.

The cost of the VFD/PLC service repair, against total cost of replacement which includes production downtime, spares, personal training is significantly low.


  • Service & repair of AC & DC Drives
  • Service & repair of Servo Motors & Servo Drives of ALLEN BRADLEY & REXROTH
  • Engineering & Retrofitting of all types of size & rating of VFDs for critical machines & process
  • Upgradation of manual systems to automated
  • Supply of critical spares for VACON, REXROTH, ABB, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL, ALLEN BRADLEY, SSD Parker, Control Technique etc.
  • Replacement / Migration of obsolete control systems
  • Tailor made solutions for break down / chronic issues of control system
  • Integration of Existing process with new control system